About Us

Precious + Primitive. Ancient + Modern. Rich + Minimal. Textured + Clean.

Based in San Francisco, California, Julie Cristello Jewelry is the amalgamation of a lifetime of creative daydreaming, sketching, learning and observing. JCJ’s mission is to bring open-minded women and men confidence, power and joy through tribal, organic, modern talismans created using ethically-sourced materials with deep respect for a healthy planet. The time-worn feel and raw femininity of her jewelry resounds with the modern, confident, soulful woman.

Having been a maker and seller of jewelry for the past decade, her pieces are locally designed, cast and hand-made in small quantities. They run the material gamut from 18k gold, sterling silver and diamonds to hand-carved wood and natural leathers. 

JCJ products are made at the bench in her San Francisco studio. Each piece is wear-tested for durability and color shifts. It's been sold in stores such as Upstairs at Pierre Lafond in Montecito, CA, Anthropologie and the locally beloved Heath Ceramics.