Precious + Primitive. Ancient + Modern. Rich + Minimal. Textured + Clean.

Julie Cristello Jewelry is the amalgamation of a lifetime of creative daydreaming, sketching, and observing. Fresh out of university I worked as a graphic designer for a decade, then found my way into fashion accessories design for another.

Based in San Francisco, California, I have been a maker and seller of jewelry for the past decade. My pieces are locally designed, cast and hand-made in small quantities. They run the material gamut from 18k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds to hand-carved wood and natural leathers. The time-worn feel and raw femininity of my jewelry resounds with the modern, confident woman.

“My jewelry is as soulful and dichotomous as the women I make it for.”

My products are generally made at the bench in my San Francisco studio (and sometimes while camping in the woods). I wear at least one piece from my line every day to test its durability and color shifts. It's been sold in stores such as Upstairs at Pierre Lafond in Montecito, CA, Anthropologie and the locally beloved Heath Ceramics.

And one more thing: I really love puppies. 


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